Hybrid Orchestral Pop arrangements of NieR:Automata™.

Welcome to YoRHa. Your mission is to traverse the world of machines and androids through the musical machinations of Rozen and Reven. The duo have teamed up once again for a full album collaboration of songs from NieR: Automata™, with their fingers hovering dangerously close to the black box of your emotions.

ROZEN and REVEN present hybrid orchestral pop arrangements from NieR: Automata available in digital and limited edition CD formats. 

The album's 13 unique arrangements include live vocal and instrumental performances of key tracks originally composed by Keiichi Okabe, Keigo Hoashi, and the team at MoNACA. The album is available today digitally and in physical limited edition CD formats;



For the first time, you'll be able to order a physical CD of the album by Rozen+Reven.


"It is our wish that people listen to this album and, if they are long-time fans of the series, experience a new, more intense take on the melodies that made the game's story so iconic," notes arranger ROZEN. "For newer fans, we hope to introduce them to the world of NieR: Automata the same way we were: through the incredible music."


Artwork by LS Kuroyami.

Three pieces were commissioned for the first singles of the album: Amusement Park, Wretched Weaponry, and Grandma (Destruction). Technique: Ink and Markers.

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Rozen is a G.A.N.G. Award-winning arranger and composer who creates music for media. His arrangements, often orchestral and choral in scope, are praised for their immersion and emotional weight. Rozen's orchestrations have been commissioned by the L'Orchestre de Jeux Video in Canada, the Angel City Chorale in Los Angeles, the Game Music Ensemble at UCLA, and the Folklore Guild in San Diego, CA.
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Reven is a singer, songwriter, and composer known for her pure and versatile voice. She sings on many of Rozen's releases and was a featured vocalist on Theophany's Time's End II. Reven's vocals and instrumentals have been featured in video games, commercials, short films, EPs, and fan-made collaborations.

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